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Educational Programs For Holocaust Memorial Days in Serbia

Holocaust education in Serbia - Dani Sećanja

Together with the Anne Frank House and the National Library of Serbia, Terraforming is engaged on a new project about the Holocaust education in Serbia and the region. The project will take place between September 2013 – July 2015. The project title is: “Developing Educational Programs For Holocaust Memorial Days In Structural Cooperation With Libraries Of Serbia With Out-Reach To The Region” (“Dani Sećanja” in Serbian).

Using national and international literature which already is available in libraries in Serbia, the expert team will develop a new tool based on 3 sets of “Memorial Day Lesson Plans” (“Dani sećanja kroz literaturu”), specifically produced for three particular memorial days in two versions: for ages 9-13 and for 14-18. It will consist of guides for teachers and librarians, manuals for workshops and additional materials for students.

Holocaust education in Serbia

A new pedagogical format for libraries will contribute to Holocaust and Human Rights education in connection to three important memorial day commemorations in Serbia:

  • 22nd April: Holocaust Remembrance Day
  • 9th November: International Day Against Fascism and Anti-Semitism
  • 16th December: National Remembrance Day of the Roma Genocide in WWII

A digital platform specifically developed to make these materials easy accessible and attractive for youth, will be used for adding the additional contents, too. Using the Holocaust as a starting point, the platform will deal with issues such as tolerance, diversity, democracy and human rights, with a special focus on explaining the necessity and importance of reconciliation and transitional justice in the region today.

The program includes capacity building of staff that work in libraries in Serbia, aiming to supply all central municipal/regional libraries with proper training in order to include the Holocaust education in their regular activities. In this phase, trainings will involve librarians and teachers from 14 cities in Serbia. Two seminars aim to present the program to regional stakeholders in neighboring countries (Slovenia, Croatia, Bosnia-Herzegovina and Macedonia).

International and regional team of experts will develop educational programs that contribute to Holocaust Memorial Day activities and programs in Serbia and use it as a starting point for new regional cooperation and a broad civil society action in promotion of active remembrance, cultural diversity, transitional justice and regional reconciliation.


Anne Frank House
National Library of Serbia
– The project website “Dani Sećanja” (in Serbian)


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