Fortunoff Video Archive for Holocaust Testimonies

Webinar 3: Testimonies in Education and Collective Memory

“Testimonies in Education and Collective Memory” is the third webinar in the "Holocaust, European Values and Local History" series and program for archivists, librarians, museum curators, historians, researchers, educators, and others interested to learn more about the new role of archives in education about the Holocaust and in shaping of the culture of remembrance.
USC Shoah

Webinar 2: Local Archive – an Interface for Collective Memory, Knowledge and Education

Second online workshop for archivists will be held on July 6, 2020 with lecturers: Dr Kori Street and Andrea Szőnyi from the USC Shoah Foundation, Lewis Levin, architect behind the Johannesburg Holocaust & Genocide Centre, and Serbian historian Dr Olga Manojlovic Pintar
HEVLH Workshop 1Terraforming

Webinar: Innovative Practices in Employing Archival Records in Public Outreach Programs in the Fields of Commemoration and Education about the Holocaust

Terraforming and the Archives of Vojvodina hosted the first online workshop for archivists on June 15, 2020 with lecturers: Dr Gerhard Baumgartner (Austria), Dr Dienke Hondius (The Netherlands) and Bishop Jovan Ćulibrk (Serbia).
Dr Brankica Janković

TAS Lab Webinar 1 – Migration Past and Present: Comparative Experiences and Historical Lessons

TAS Lab Webinar 1 - Migrations Past and Present: Comparative Experiences and Historical Lessons will take place on June 9, 2020 online. Please register - the number of seats is limited. Speakers: Brankica Jankovic (Serbia), Susanne Heim (Germany), Patrick Gruczkun (Sweden).
Kickoff event Novi Sad

We created a digital Kickoff event to launch our new project

With the Archives of Vojvodina we arranged a digital kickoff event to launch our new project The Holocaust, European Values and Local History with live stream on Facebook and a film consisting of more than 30 video contributions from all around the world. Read how we did it as as a result of and despite the Coronavirus outbreak.
From the Novi Sad Raid to the Liberation of Auschwitz - how and why we remember?KCNS

From the Novi Sad Raid to the Liberation of Auschwitz

International event ”From the Novi Sad Raid to the Liberation of Auschwitz - how and why we remember?” is а contribution to commemoration of the Novi Sad Raid, the International Holocaust Remembrance Day and 75 years since liberation of Auschwitz, and part of broader efforts to enhance the remembrance culture in Serbia.
Publication: International Library Platform for Education About the HolocaustPublication "International Library Platform for Education About the Holocaust", Copyright: Terraforming 2019

Publication: International Library Platform

Publication "International Library Platform for Education About the Holocaust", produced in the frames of our Yehuda Bauer Grant awarded project, focuses on engaging libraries in education about the Holocaust in a new environment of digital transformation of museums and the culture of remembrance.
Memorial in the Falstad Forest, Photo: Ole Martin WoldPhoto: Ole Martin Wold

From Kozara to Falstad Forest

There is a direct link between Sajmište and camps in Norway, as part of one inseparable experience of terror, stretching from the villages around Kozara mountain, over Sajmište in Belgrade, to the forests around Falstad. Serbia and Norway have interwoven and shared historical experiences.
Stolperstein in Osnabrück, Germany. Photo: Roland MatternPhoto: Roland Mattern

Let’s install Stolpersteine in Serbia

Stolpersteine project is the world's largest decentralized memorial. Considering how Stolpersteine effectively contributes to commemoration and education, and further the culture of remembrance in general, we would like to propose the initiative to install Stolpersteine memorials in Serbia.

Exhibition “Some words about the Holocaust in Serbia”

Available for download - an English version of the 6-panel-set titled "Some Words About the Holocaust in Serbia". This small "ready2print" exhibition about the Holocaust in occupied Serbia is developed by Terraforming.