Terraforming is committed to promoting and improving
teaching and learning about the Holocaust, and
combating antisemitism, antiziganism
and other forms of xenophobia

safeguarding the future of our past through education

In Short

Terraforming is an independent non-governmental and non-profit organisation from Novi Sad in Serbia, with branches in Stockholm, Sweden, and Amsterdam, the Netherlands, and with partners, contributors, associates and project activities all around Europe.

Terraforming develops educational methodologies and teaching materials, combining best practices in contemporary pedagogy with new-media technologies while facilitating multidisciplinary cross-sectoral international project cooperation and exchange.

Pedagogical Approach

Terraforming strives to follow the guidelines of the International Holocaust Remembrance Alliance (IHRA), the educational philosophy of the International School for Holocaust Studies Yad Vashem, UNESCO recommendations on education about the Holocaust, ODIHR and UNESCO guidelines for educators and policymakers on addressing antisemitism, as well as ODIHR recommendations and guidelines for education about Human Rights and countering various forms of intolerance and discrimination.


Terraforming promotes human rights, diversity and tolerance, combating discrimination, intolerance, antisemitism, antiziganism and all forms of xenophobia, while debunking bias, myths, prejudice and stereotypes. Through education and public outreach programs Terraforming empowers multipliers such as teachers, librarians, archivists, and other NGO activists, by developing and providing teaching materials and methodologies, facilitating training programs and international exchange of experiences and best practices.


Terraforming has longstanding expertise in developing and writing grant proposals with a proven track record of successful applications to major international funding institutions. With its large network among cultural and educational institutions, scholars, experts, NGOs and other stakeholders around Europe, Terraforming sets up cross-sectoral international project cooperations and exchange.