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EHRI in search of micro-archives

From this year, the focus of the European Holocaust Research Infrastructure (EHRI) will be creating opportunities for cooperation with micro-archives and integrating their collections into the research infrastructure.
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TAS Migration Labs Workshop 5 – Synthesis – Young People as Active Creators of the Policies Related to Migrations

Тема радионице су активна улога младих у креирању мигрантских политика. Предлоге за промене у мигрантским политикама ће изнети: Симонида Вукадиновић, Ивана Мацак, Софија Савић и Александар Радин.
Conference 27. April

Conference „Microhistories of the Holocaust and its European Character“

On 27th of April 2021 Terraforming and Archives of Vojvodina held an international conference which focused on the role local archives play in identifying and safeguarding the Holocaust records.
Fake news

TAS Lab 4 – Antithesis II – Fake news about migrants and migration issues

The workshop themes are fake news in medias about migrants and migration issues, s well as the challenges that journalists encounter when reporting about them. The speakers at the workshop are: Aleksandra Nikšić, Chiara Wieben and Milan Kuzmanović.
The opening of the Conference "The Voice of Women in the Frozen Silence

Conference “The Voice of Women in the Frozen Silence”

In the Cultural Center of Novi Sad, on January 26th, an online international conference “The Voice of Woman in the Frozen Silence” was held. The Yad Vashem’s exhibition “Spots of Light -- To Be a Woman in The Holocaust” and Serbian adaptation of IHRA’S "Recommendations for Teaching and Learning about the Holocaust" were presented at the conference.
The Voice of Women in the Frozen Silence

The Voice of Women in the Frozen Silence

The event "The Voice of Women in the Frozen Silence" will take place online at 2.00 pm on January 26. Some of the program highlights are: presentation of the exhibition "The Spots of Light - To be a Woman in the Holocaust", the Serbian adaptation of the IHRA's Recommendation for Teaching and Learning about Holocaust, and presentations about gender perspectives in memorialization of the Holocaust by international experts and diplomates.