ESTER: Young People Remember

Aim of the project is developing an innovative pedagogical methodology for learning about local histories of Nazi persecution through original digital graphic novels with maps, archival documents and historical photographs, created by students in specific educational settings through cooperation with local archives, libraries, museums, survivors, and an international online platform where these graphic novels will be shared, discussed and presented to wide European audiences. Read more…


MemAct! brings together educators, researchers and activists from different fields of Holocaust learning, civic education and community work against racism and anti-Semitism. The MemAct! evaluates, develops and implements best practices participatory methods to learn about the Holocaust. They aim to enable communities to connect the past with current societal issues e.g. new anti-Semitism, anti-migrant Racism and other forms of exclusion.
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The aim of the HANNAH project is to bring about enhanced knowledge, new forms of remembrance and increased awareness as regards Antisemitism, develop innovative tools against it, and contribute to combating it through capacity-building, awareness raising and policymaking, traditions and methods to combat antisemitism, using innovative tools such as the Educational Graphic Novel and Documentary, Oral History Presentations – Installations and dissemination actions. Read more…

The Holocaust, European Values and Local History

The Holocaust, European Values and Local History

The project aims to develop, pilot and introduce sustainable methodologies and tools for an innovative approach in archival pedagogy, to empower smaller local archives to identify, promote, make available and safeguard important Holocaust-related materials, and to create own educational outreach programs about the Holocaust based on own archival materials and local history, presenting in the same time local micro-histories to global audiences. Read more…

TAS Migration Labs

TAS – Thesis, Antithesis, Synthesis – Migration Labs

TAS Labs, debates and roundtables will analyse historical experiences, narratives, misconceptions and stereotypes relating to migrants and refugees, xenophobic discourse, hate speech and anti-immigration propaganda. We will be looking into our own experiences of emigration to other countries, as well as our experiences, responsibilities and challenges as a transit or host countries in the past and current refugee and migrant crises. Read more…

Ester - teaching material and educational concept based on the graphic novels’ language

Ester graphic novels are a teaching material, its most important part being a series of dramatized stories about the Jewish victims killed in the Jewish Camp at Sajmište (Judenlager Semlin) near Belgrade. The stories focus on young victims and their families, their pre-war life, the life under the German occupation and during the Holocaust. The novels are based on real historical characters, true historical events, testimonies, historical documentation and material. An international team of experts worked together on creating the stories in order to preserve historical accuracy, the illustrations being a creation of an international team of artists.

Читамо и пишемо са Аном Франк

Reading and Writing with Anne Frank in Serbia

In cooperation with the Anne Frank House Amsterdam, Terraforming translated the internationally acclaimed exhibition “Reading and Writing with Anne Frank” and adopted the educational methodologies around it for use in Serbia. Since early 2015 the it has been presented in more than 25 cities around Serbia, involving more than 60 schools and libraries in the program. Additional trainings are organized for teachers and librarians. The exhibition is received with great enthusiasm. Due to the large interest it is booked for at least 12 months ahead.

 2015-… (ongoing)

 Anne Frank House

Anne Frank House (NL), Terraforming (RS)

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