Семинар Нови Сад

Seminar for archivists and librarians in Novi Sad

Seminar in Historical archive of Novi Sad was organized in cooperation with The International Tracing Service (ITS) in frames of a wider program for archivists and librarians from Serbia conducted by Terraforming network, as a following continuance of activities after professional training in Yad Vashem.
ready2print Srbija

In cooperation with the Yad Vashem International School for Holocaust Studies and Yad Vashem Museum Traveling Exhibition Department, Terraforming translated ready2print exhibition “How Was It Humanly Possible?” for use in Serbia. The exhibition deals with major historical aspects of the European Holocaust. In addition, focusing on the Holocaust in occupied Serbia, Terraforming developed a 6-panel-set titled “Some Words About the Holocaust in Serbia” that can be used as a supplement, or as a stand-alone exhibition. 

Ready2print is an innovative concept in museum quality exhibitions, now available in Serbia, provided as high-resolution digital files, easy to distribute, print and display. “How Was It Humanly Possible?” and “Some Words About the Holocaust in Serbia” are available for download on Terraforming’s website.