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Remembering Hilda Dajč Award 2023

The Remembering Hilda Dajč Award 2023 was presented on May 7, 2023, at a ceremony in the University Library "Svetozar Marković" in Belgrade. Terraforming is one of the founders of this independent civil society initiative that was established to support youth activism and counter Holocaust distortion, manipulation, and abuse of history for a populist and nationalist political agenda, to promote a meaningful and courageous culture of remembrance and activism that strengthens democratic values, human and civil rights, pluralism and critical thinking.
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International conference “Remember ReAct Revisited – Together for Impact”

The international conference "Remember ReAct Revisited – Together for Impact" was organized by Terraforming and the Embassy of Sweden in Belgrade under the auspices of the Swedish chairpersonship of The International Holocaust Remembrance Alliance (IHRA). High-ranking officials and experts from Serbia and Sweden discussed the issues of memorialization and education about the Holocaust and the genocide against the Roma, as well as dealing with contemporary antisemitism, antigypsyism, and the distortion and abuse of history.

Empowering new multipliers

In addition to teachers, Terraforming works on engaging new multipliers in Holocaust education, such as librarians, museum curators, and archivists, by developing and providing teaching materials and methodologies, facilitating training programs, and international exchange of experiences and best practices.

Accredited Courses and Trainings

Terraforming offers free accredited courses and training programs, among others, about IHRA’s recommendations on Teaching and Learning about the Holocaust, memory culture and media literacy, contemporary antisemitism, and Holocaust distortion and abuse of history.


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Education about the persecution and genocide against the Roma

IHRA Recommendations for teaching guidelines about the persecution and genocide of the Roma and Sinti during the Nazi era will help education about this complex history.

Roma commemoration

Practical implementation of the working definition of Antigypsyism

Introductory speech by Misko Stanisic at the international panel debate on practical implementation of the non-legally binding IHRA working definition of Antigypsyism / Anti-Roma Racism – lessons learned, best practices, steps forward.


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