Ester.rs – educational concept and a collection of graphic novels

Teaching material developed in a form of a collection of graphic novels about life in the pre-war Serbia and the young Holocaust victims of the concentration camp at Sajmište.

Ester teaching manual

Graphic novel, literature and archival materials in education

A publication about graphic novel, literature and archival material in education about the Holocaust, available for download (PDF in Serbian).

Teaching Material to Address Antisemitism

Developed by Serbian experts as a part of OSCE/ODIHR and Anne Frank House project, this teaching material for use in Serbia is available in English, too.

Exhibition: Some words about the Holocaust in Serbia

Six-panel set, ready for download, print, and exhibiting, is developed for better understanding of the historical experience in Serbia in the context of the European Holocaust.

Ready2Print exhibition: Shoah – how was it humanly possible?

Yad Vashem’s ready2print exhibition “Shoa ­ How Was It Humanly Possible?” deals with major historical aspects of the Holocaust. Terraforming prepared Serbian translation and dissemination in Serbia and the region.

Reading and Writing with Anne Frank

Reading and Writing With Anne Frank in Serbia

An exhibition and a workshop concept with the original teaching materials developed by the Anne Frank House experts, translated and adapted for use in Serbia by Terraforming, is continuously touring since 2015, visiting more than 50 schools and libraries in 40 cities around Serbia and the region.