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About us


Photo by Miško Stanišić: 2 August – Roma Genocide Remembrance Day commemoration in the Auschwitz-Birkenau Memorial, 2016.

Misko Stanisic, Terraforming

Misko Stanisic, Director,
Member of the Serbian delegation to the International Holocaust Remembrance Alliance – IHRA

Nevena Bajalica, Terraforming

Nevena Bajalica, Programme Manager,
Member of the Serbian delegation to the International Holocaust Remembrance Alliance – IHRA

in a couple of words

Terraforming is an independent non-governmental and non-profit organisation from Novi Sad in Serbia founded in 2008, and with partners, contributors, associates and project activities all across Europe.

Terraforming develops educational methodologies and teaching materials, combining best practices in contemporary pedagogy with new-media technologies while facilitating multidisciplinary cross-sectoral international project cooperation and exchange.

Our story

In 1990’s Nevena Bajalica and Miško Stanišić left the war-torn Yugoslavia. Nevena emigrated to the Netherlands, while Miško managed to get out of Sarajevo and eventually ended up in Sweden as refugee. It wasn’t easy. During the first years Miško lived in refugee camps around Stockholm, while Nevena was trying to manage in Amsterdam squats. After several years, lots of efforts and hard work, things got better. Both managed to study, to find proper jobs, and managed to get their lives sorted out. Eventually both found their professional and personal interest in the fields of education and civic activism, and in topics related to human rights, war atrocities and crimes and its everlasting consequences, prejudeces, discrimination and xenophobia against various minorities, immigrants and “foreigners”. After decades spent in the Netherlands and Sweden respectively, both felt that their acquired knowledge, accumulated experiences and a unique overview of the ways, trends, needs and potentials both in Western Europe, Scandinavia and in Serbia, should be put in use for developing cooperation and exchange projects in the fields of education and culture, in order to bring together and contribute to all these societies they call “home”. Nevena and Miško met in 2008, and Terraforming was founded.

Nevena and Misko 2009

Nevena and Miško in 2009. during one of the first projects of just founded association Terraforming. Photo by Miško Stanišić

Mission Statement


Terraforming promotes human rights, diversity and tolerance, combating discrimination, intolerance, antisemitism, antiziganism and all forms of xenophobia, while debunking bias, myths, prejudice and stereotypes. Terraforming designs training programs, facilitates international exchange of experiences and best practices, and produces various public outreach activities with aim to empower multipliers such as teachers, librarians, archivists, museum workers, NGO activists, and to inform local communities, decision and policy makers, as well as other stakeholders.

To and from Serbia

Terraforming facilitates cooperation and exchange between institutional partners from Serbia with relevant partners around Europe and around the World. In Serbia Terraforming promotes education about the Holocaust, stronger culture of remembrance, protection of endangered authentic Holocaust sites, and contributes addressing distortion and manipulation of history. On the other side, internationally, Terraforming contribute raising awareness and better knowledge about Serbian history and culture, available archival materials, research, achievements and ideas of experts and creators from Serbia.

Pedagogical Approach

Terraforming strives to follow the educational guidelines of the International Holocaust Remembrance Alliance (IHRA), the educational philosophy of the International School for Holocaust Studies Yad VashemUNESCO recommendations on education about the Holocaust, ODIHR and UNESCO guidelines for educators and policymakers on addressing antisemitism, ODIHR recommendations and guidelines for education about Human Rights and countering various forms of intolerance and discrimination, as well as the Council of Europe Charter on Education for Democratic Citizenship and Human Rights Education EDC/HRE.


Terraforming has longstanding expertise in developing and writing grant proposals with a proven track record of successful applications to major international funding institutions. With its large network among cultural and educational institutions, scholars, experts, NGOs and other stakeholders around Europe, Terraforming sets up cross-sectoral international project cooperations and exchange.

Steering Committee

Dr Milan Koljanin

Dr Milan Koljanin

Historian, Senior Researcher at the Institute for Contemporary History in Belgrade, Member of the Serbian delegation to IHRA. Interest and expertise: Antisemitism in Serbia, WWII and the Holocaust in Serbia.

Dr Vasilije Milnovic

Dr Vasilije Milnović

Head of the Scientific Center at the Belgrade University Library, Literary Critic and Theorist. Interest and expertise: Literature Science, Digital Humanities, Cultural Theory, Intercultural Communication, Intercultural Competencies.

Julia Bala

Dr Julia Bala

Clinical Psychologist and Psychotherapist. Interest and expertise: specialised in intergenerational consequences of trauma, influence of forced migration on parent-child relationship, and trauma in refugee children and families.

Administrative and registration data


English: Terraforming South
Serbian: Тераформинг Југ
Short name: Terraforming

OFFICIAL ADDRESS (Business Postal Address)

Balzakova 16
21000 Novi Sad, Serbia


The Archives of Vojvodina
Žarka Zrenjanina 2 A (room 15.)
21000 Novi Sad, Serbia


Director: Milenko Stanišić
E-mail: Contact Form


Legal Status: Non-profit association (NGO)
Registration (Matični br.): 28024410
Registration date: 04.07.2010
Tax Registration (PIB)
: 106791153


(EU) PIC: 932179022
(EU) OID: E10254261
PADOR: RS-2013-BIL-1704863652

DUNS: 538216634


IBAN: RS35170003001453800168
BANK: Unicredit Bank Serbia JSC


Statute (Serbian & English)

Proof of Registration (Serbian & English)

Tax Registration (Serbian & English)


Our annual Financial Statements are public and available online on the Serbian Business Registers Agency SBRA (Agencija za privredne registre APR) website, in the Register of Financial Statements -centralized, public, integrated, electronic database of complete and computationally accurate financial statements and supporting documents in line with the Law on Accounting, and of data on solvency of enterprises, cooperatives, institutions and entrepreneurs.

Policy Documents

Anti-corruption Policy and Procurement Routines

With aim to secure highest professional and ethical standards in its work, and in order to contribute prevention of corruption, Terraforming will continuously work on strengthening of its organizational culture and improving its working methods and routines. Following the Transparency International definitions and recommendation on countering and reporting corruption, Terraforming developed its own

Anti-corruption Policy

Procurement Routines

Child Protection Policy

Terraforming is committed to providing and maintaining a caring learning environment and preventing and addressing child abuse and exploitation. We strongly condemn all forms of child abuse and exploitation.

Terraforming is committed to present this policy, and provide mechanisms for our board members, co-workers, employees, representatives, volunteers and all other participants in our activities to raise awareness, aid prevention, encourage reporting and ease response to any form and any case of proven, alleged or attempted abuse within our field of function and influence according to its nature.

Following the Council of Europe Strategy for the Rights of the Child, The European Convention on Human Rights, United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child (UNCRC), The National Strategy for Protection of Children and Prevention from Violence of the Republic of Serbia, General and Special Protocol for Protection of Children and Students from Violence, Neglect and Abuse in Educational Institutions, developed by the Ministry of Education of the Republic of Serbia, Terraforming developed its own

Child Protection Policy


Yehuda Bauer Grant logo

The project “The International Library Platform for Teaching and Learning about the Holocaust” developed by Terraforming is awarded the annual Yehuda Bauer Grant for 2016. IHRA awards this honor annually to an outstanding project proposal submitted through IHRA’s Grant Programme. The recipient of the Yehuda Bauer Grant is selected by the Funding Review Committee from among all proposals recommended to IHRA’s member country delegations for funding.

Featured in the OSCE/ODIHR video

Our educational concept and teaching material Ester.rs, developed in the frames of the OSCE/ODIHR programme “Turning Words Into Action to Address Antisemitism”, is featured in the OSCE/ODIHR video “Addressing Anti-Semitism Through Education”.

Project partner and facilitator

Miško Stanišić at the presentation “Escalating into Holocaust” at The NIOD Institute for War, Holocaust and Genocide Studies in Amsterdam, The Netherlands, during the project “Escalating into Holocaust” organized in cooperation with the Historical Archives of Belgrade and other partners.

Terraforming develops, facilitates and participates in many international and national projects and activities in the fields of education, research and remembrance of the Holocaust. Terraforming contributes in various expert groups focusing on education about the Holocaust, distortion and denial of the Holocaust, countering antisemitism, such as expert groups in the frames of the International Holocaust Remembrance Alliance IHRA, or OSCE/ODIHR and UNESCO.