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Publication “International Library Platform for Education About the Holocaust”, produced in the frames of Terraforming’s Yehuda Bauer Grant-awarded project, focuses on unexplored and unutilized potential for engaging libraries in teaching and learning about the Holocaust in a new environment of digital transformation of museums and the culture of remembrance.

Participants of the seminar at the National Library of Serbia in Belgrade, from left: Nevena Bajalica, Terraforming, RS; Paul Salmons, Independent curator and education consultant, UK; Monika Mazur-Rafał, Humanity in Action Foundation Poland, PL; Dr Vasilije Milnović, Belgrade University Library, RS; Biljana Albahari, National Library of Serbia, RS; Jan Erik Dubbelman, Anne Frank House, NL; Sandra Svetlica, Terraforming, RS; Dr Dragana Milunović, National Library of Serbia, RS; Dr Akim Jah, The Arolsen Archives, DE; Dr Robert Rozett, Yad Vashem, IL; Prof. Nevena Daković, University of Arts Belgrade, RS; Prof. Doyle Stevick, College of Education, University of South Carolina, US; Victor-Jan Vos, Europeana Foundation, EU; Dr Vera Mevorah, Terraforming associate, RS; Dr Werner Dreier, _erinnern.at_, AT; Olivia Kaiser, Vienna University Library, AT; Goran Sadikarijo, Holocaust Memorial Centre for the Jews of Macedonia, MK; Miško Stanišić, Terraforming, RS; Dr Marta Simo, Autonomous University of Barcelona, ES; Dr Milan Koljanin, Institute for Contemporary History in Belgrade, RS;