Libraries, Archives and Remembrance
in Contemporary Teaching and Learning about the Holocaust

This seminar in Novi Sad organized by Terraforming network was a part of wider program “Libraries, archives and culture of remembrance in contemporary teaching and learning about the Holocaust” as a following continuance of activities after professional training for archivists and librarians at Yad Vashem held in December 2017.

Generous host of this seminar was Historical archive of Novi Sad led by director Petar Đurđev.

In cooperation with The International Tracing Service (ITS) from Bad Arolsen, Germany, this seminar was organized in the frames of collaboration started in 2016 during the project “Escalation into Holocaust – From execution squads to the gas van of the concentration camp at Sajmište: Two defining phases of the Holocaust in Serbia”.

Among other officials, the seminar was attended by Her Excellency Ambassador of Israel in Serbia Dr. Alona Fisher-Kamm, Secretary General of the Assembly of AP Vojvodina Nikola Banjac, etc. Representatives of Yad Vashem were also invited as special guests. Masha Yonin (Director Archival Acquisition Dept. Yad Vashem Archives) and Sara Pećanac representing Yad Vashem Archives was attending the seminar.


– program developed by Terraforming

In frames of the long-term program of collaboration with archivists and librarians, Terraforming is organizing a series of activities with strategic goal to empower archives and libraries to take an active role in teaching and learning about the Holocaust and other crimes in The Second World War. During the 2018 Terraforming continues to organize a series of program for professional training, seminars, visits, workshops and other activities with the aim to exchange experiences and best practices with leading international institutions and professionals, as well as including archives and libraries from Serbia into international projects and networks in the field of education and commemoration.

With this program Terraforming supports sustainable network of stakeholders in Serbia to build and strengthen in order to contribute to further development of different educational programs about life, culture and history of Jews in Serbia, about the Holocaust in local, regional and European context, as well as about suffering of Serbian, Romani and victims of other nationalities during The Second World War, so as about tradition of anti-fascism in Serbia.

Novi Sad Television prepared an item about the seminar.

Masha Yonin and Sara Pecanac from the Yad Vashem Archive, and dr Akim Jah from the International Tracing Service ITS, during the visit to the Archive of Vojvodine in Novi Sad.

A day before the seminar, for our guests from Israel and Germany we arranged visits to Archive of Vojvodina, The Museum of Vojvodina and The Parliament of the Autonomous Province of Vojvodina