Education about Antisemitism
and the history of Jewish communities

The HANNAH project focuses on the promotion of Jewish history, the enhancement of Shoah remembrance and the fight against Antisemitism in Germany, Greece, Serbia and Poland. through capacity-building training, awareness raising and policymaking contribution.

HANNAH is expected to inform and educate about the long history of the Jewish Communities in Germany, Greece, Serbia and Poland, to reinforce knowledge and remembrance and to increase awareness against Anti-Semitism, through enhancing the capacity of schoolteachers, librarians and archivists, the knowledge of young people and the information of policymakers.

HANNAH is expected to bring about enhanced knowledge, new forms of remembrance and increased awareness as regards Antisemitism, develop innovative tools against it, and contribute to combating it through capacity-building, awareness raising and policymaking, traditions and methods to combat antisemitism, using innovative tools such as the Educational Graphic Novel and Documentary, Oral History Presentations – Installations, and dissemination actions.

Duration: 01. December – 30. November 2022.